In the mountains, incense has succeeded in growing the black chicken fir.

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The company has been working with Shanghai university since its inception and has recently successfully planted black chicken fir.


Black chicken fir is the only plant and animal combination in edible fungus, must with the white ant nest symbiosis, contains a variety of human essential amino acid, the nutrition value is very rich.

Recently introduced black chicken fir, has the beautiful appearance and the delicious taste!

It looks small, but it has a lot of meat.

Black chicken fir, taste better, give people fresh, sweet, beautiful, slippery feeling!

Not only that, it can also wash raw food directly, the taste is equally delicious!

The black chicken fir that is planted in the mountain gives a different feeling, it is rich in nutrition and delicious, sweet and crisp taste, it is also the focus of many edible fungi!

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