Yunnan wild mushroom market "chicken fir family"

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On the morning of April 2, this year, the first batch of wild chicken firs appeared in the market of wild mushroom in kunming.

From the picture, this was by the size of the chicken fir bacteria, some netizens vividly described them as "father of the chicken, chicken mother and baby chicken" 3, reported a total of more than 622, by Shanghai customers bought at more than 900 pieces of price.

Yunnan is the kingdom of edible fungi, and the market of wood water flower wild mushroom in kunming, yunnan province is better known as China's largest market for wild bacteria trading, which is very representative.Yunnan produces more than 2,000 tons of chicken a year, but it usually goes on sale in May or November, and it's just early April, and many people can't believe it's true.The report was sent on April 2nd, and if one day earlier, it was estimated that many people would say April fools' day.

In fact, before the first batch of chicken firs went public, there was a species of wild bacteria that had already been marketed before it. This mushroom is known as the "valley fungus".This kind of mushroom should be listed on the 6 - November, but reports on March 20, it appears in the wild fungus trading market, it is surprising, through the analysis, is likely to be the influence of rain weather, details you can see me this article "the first batch of yunnan wild valley cooked bacteria, has caused many to question".

By comparing the valley bacteria, it seems that the early launch of chicken fir is more acceptable.

The fungus is a kind of fungus that is symbiotic with termites, and it is very delicious. It is commonly seen in the fields of the broad-leaved forest, in the badlands and in the ruins of the tombs and in the valley, and is known as the "crown of the fungi" in yunnan.

The chicken fir is divided into black hat, white skin, fire and yellow skin. The price starts from may to June, and the price is more expensive at the end of the month. The price is cheaper in July and October.

Valley of yunnan this year rain more rich, ripe and chicken listed in advance, means in the production of edible fungus is likely to increase this year, up production, demand remains the same, the price can reduce, it is a good thing for people love to eat mushroom.

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