Strengthen propaganda and guide yunnan to strengthen the prevention and control of wild bacteria poisoning

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On April 12, 2018, the government at the provincial food safety committee office of yunnan province to strengthen the edible wild fungus poisoning prevention and control work picturephone meeting, put forward to strengthen the edible wild fungus poisoning prevention and control work, to the greatest extent to protect people's life safety and health.

 It is understood that every year into summer, it is the high incidence of wild edible fungus poisoning in our province.In 2016 and 2017, the outbreak of wild edible fungus poisoning in the province has occurred, posing a serious threat to the health and safety of the people.

 Strengthening publicity education is a key link in the prevention and control of wild edible fungus poisoning, which is the premise and foundation for the prevention and control work.Insufficient understanding of wild mushroom poisoning hazards, a lucky paralysis psychology, identification ability is weak, lack of prevention and control of first aid, etc., is the important reason for the frequent wild mushroom poisoning happens.In view of the fact that the knowledge level of the people is different, we should constantly innovate the propaganda form and the carrier, and strive to publicize education, which is easy to understand and easy to grasp.Repeatedly prompt error risk by eating wild fungus, widely publicized the serious consequences of a mistake by eating poisonous wild fungus, education people don't do not eat, don't buy don't sell varieties of unknown wild fungus, do not easily believe that network and social way to identify toxic wild fungus circulated.Publicize education to highlight four aspects.

 One is the serious harm of wild edible fungus poisoning.There are many kinds of wild bacteria in our province, and there are many kinds of poisonous varieties, which are not easy to be identified.Eating poisonous wild fungus, by mistake because of toxic wild fungus contains toxic peptides, hemolysin, alkaloids, such as red mushroom element toxins through the body into the blood system, digestive system and damage to the liver, kidney, heart and other organs of the body.There is no specific treatment after eating poisonous wild fungus, and the mortality rate is high and the risk is great.

 Second, the family edible wild fungus's attention matters.Do not collect or buy wild bacteria of unknown breed.Be familiar with and identify as non-toxic wild bacteria, and not a variety of mixed processing edible, because of different kinds of wild bacteria mixed stir-fry, may have chemical reaction to produce toxic substances.When processing wild edible fungus, must be cooked and cooked thoroughly, do not drink when eating wild fungus.

  Third, the adverse reaction immediately went to the doctor.Appear in a short period of time after eating the wild fungus, such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, irritability, hallucinations and other suspected food poisoning symptoms, should be immediately to the hospital, to avoid delay the best treatment time.Local medical institutions should always be wild mushroom poisoning the preparations for the emergency treatment, at the same time of actively rescue poisoning patients, immediately to the local administrative department of health and the food and drug supervision and administration department report

 Fourthly, the first aid measures can be taken after the family edible wild fungus poisoning.Immediately dial 120 emergency call, and immediately use a simple method to urge vomiting.Can be a lot of drinking boiled water or dilute brine, and then use spoon, chopsticks handle items such as vomiting stimulate the throat, discharge the residual bacteria has yet to be absorbed in the body, as soon as possible to reduce the absorption of toxic substances, prevent illness, at the same time as soon as possible to the treatment of medical institutions.Allow the patient to drink a small amount of sugar brine to prevent dehydration leading to shock.But do not force the patient in a coma to fill his mouth to prevent suffocation.Try to keep the samples of wild bacteria edible before the poisoning, and provide medical treatment for medical treatment after examination..

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