Create a full-time learning enterprise, sustainable development enterprise.


          "Sweet" in the mountains, strives for the development goals and life values and the embodiment of the sense of mission. The learning organization is the mainstream of future success enterprise management mode, is the important guarantee of enterprises to participate in the competition, through build employees' full of lifelong learning system and environment, stimulate the staff's wisdom and potential, constantly breakthrough growth limit, the life value and meaning in the work.

          Enterprise spirit is the soul of human enterprise, is the spirit of the age of personalized, is the concentrated reflection of group consciousness, the "learning, beyond, leading to" spirit of enterprise, in the mountains on the one hand, based on the spirit of the age of mainstream grasp and reference, on the other hand, is the real embodies the spirit of the mountains of constantly enrich their own quality and practice.

          Beyond, one is to surpass ourselves, it is beyond the opponent. Is to wake up in the fierce market competition, the objective analysis themselves, to overcome the influence of self-improvement retarded, challenge themselves, constantly transcend self, self innovation;, and must be good at analysis and research on the market at the same time, analysis and research on the competition, establish the confidence of a rival, enhance the core competition of the rival, lead in the continued beyond, early movers, run-off market, realize sustainable development.Leading, is the necessity of learning beyond, it is a brand enjoys an absolute advantage in the market, has the important influence and control, as well as reflected in technology, management efficiency on indicators such as lead, one must do it by giving full play to the advantages of relative lead.

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