Yunnan yimen mountain fragrant food co., LTD. Covering an area of 20 mu, founded in June 2000, there are 168 employees in the company. Baoshan branch (baoshan dian Po gongshan green food co., LTD.) covers an area of 30 mu, with 120 employees. Among them: 23 kinds of technical personnel. It has established a fixed asset of 66 million yuan, annual production capacity of 30,000 tons, and annual output value of 60 million yuan of agricultural and sideline products research and production enterprises.

          Mainly engaged in the "mountain" brand series products research and development, is based on the "company + base + farmers" development model, set cultivation, processing, marketing as one of the characteristics of agricultural products development and production enterprises.Has now successfully developed scale production regulations (wild fungus, ferns), kimchi (red bell pepper, capsicum frutescens, turmeric, dip string bean), spices (tempeh, halide rot, cocktail sauce), insects (bamboo worms, bee pupa) four series, more than 50 varieties, more than 80 kinds of packaging products to the market.Products are sold to "wal-mart", "carrefour" and other large supermarkets and retail outlets, more than 80 cities, county main products are exported to Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong, sichuan, chongqing, and other provinces, cities and exported to Japan, South Korea, Australia, its products and refreshing appetizer, salty, spicy prominent, moderate characteristics of rich nutrition, deeply consumer's favor.


          Since 2005, the company and the Shanghai university colleges and universities cooperation jointly formed the "Shanghai university - yunnan dalongkou sweet food co., LTD enterprise technology center" in the mountains, relying on the Shanghai university strong scientific research strength, use the quality of its food production and processing technology and advanced management concept, the overall improve enterprise product quality, speed up new product research and development, enhance enterprise competitiveness.

          The company's products have been certified as green food through the green food certification center of the ministry of agriculture, and the fern products have been certified by "organic food".

The company develops the order agriculture 20,000 mu each year, drives the peasant household 15,000 households.

          With the constant development of the company size, to promote the agricultural structure adjustment, the company has been provincial party committee and government as the provincial key support the development of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, provincial forestry industrialization leading enterprise, famous trademark in yunnan province, work advanced unit for poverty alleviation in yunnan province.

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